The UNA is responsible for local regulation of such things as parking and noise; for managing community and recreational programs and facilities; and for planning future community amenities. The UNA is also responsible for promoting sustainability, maintaining community green spaces, holding elections, liaising with UBC over access to UBC facilities, and liaising with members of other organizations, such as the Vancouver School Board, and Metro Vancouver on issues that affect UNA residents.

In November 2016, the British Columbia Societies Act came into effect replacing the old Society Act under which the University Neighbourhoods Association (UNA) was incorporated in 2002. The UNA applied to transition from the Society Act to the Societies Act in December 2016.

The UNA is pleased to announce that its new set of Bylaws and Constitution have been filed with the province and are now in effect.

The UNA is pleased to announce that in addition to the new UNA Bylaws and Constitution, the Neighbours’ Agreement 2020 is now in effect.

This Agreement clarifies the UNA’s relationship with UBC and provides a framework for the governance of the UNA community.