UNA Elections 2021

Members of the University Neighbourhoods Association (UNA) will elect seven members to its Board of Directors at the 2021 UNA Elections that will run from November 8 to November 30, 2021.

All UNA members can vote in this election and will receive an elections package in the mail containing their ballots and information on how to vote. Results of the UNA Elections will be emailed to members and announced on this page on November 30.

Announcement of Candidates

Candidates for Director

The deadline for nominations was October 8, 2021. The candidates for elections are listed below. Please note that the UNA aims to facilitate a fair election and candidate statements are published as they are submitted. The UNA relies on the candidates to ensure the accuracy of their statements and forwards the statements to UNA members as a courtesy.

Candidate Statements

  • Tony Cheng

    Tony Cheng

    Wesbrook Place

    Recently, a known sex offender was charged for murdering a young woman and her 16-month-old son in Alberta. A petition exhorted legislative changes to prevent similar recurrences.

    Some issues in the UBC area:

    • Two students were killed by a vehicle.
    • Locker break-ins prevail in some condos.
    • One broken electric pole caused a power outage.

    To prelude, UNA can implement the following:

    • Security and safety – Holistic view from Land Use, Road Control, First Responders, Utility Supply Service, identify pitfalls and the related mitigation plan.
    • Hear the voice – A comprehensive email service to expedite concerns easier.
    • Environmental conservation – Increase electric vehicle chargers and apply green energy compliance.
    • Land usage – Accommodate locations for pets and children.

    My family relocated to the UBC area two years ago. With 30 years’ work experience and an MBA degree, I held several IT managerial positions in Shanghai, Nanjing, and Hong Kong for some multinational organizations (Airline, Shipping & Logistics, Property Development & Management and Education). I thrive in multicultural environments and possess strengths in governance & compliance, budget control, operation, and projects management.

    I believe my expertise in IT and management can augment the development of the UNA.

  • Erin Co

    Erin Co

    Wesbrook Place


    My name is Erin Co, and this year, I’m running to be on your UNA Board of Directors where I plan to be the voice for all UNA residents.

    I have a strong passion for ensuring that all residents are being delivered the services that they count on – whether those are municipal services, recreational programs for you and our youth, or social programs which contribute to the betterment of our neighbourhoods.

    If I am elected, a key focus of mine will be liaising with residents and enforcement agencies to ensure a safe community for us all – both in the short-term and long-term. The UNA is also slated to serve as the primary consultant for the renewal of UBC’s land use plan as laid out in their Engagement Charter.

    As someone who has extensive experience in being a fierce advocate, if elected, I will be a strong voice for you during this consultation phase. Among other items, this land use plan will determine what our neighbourhoods will look like in the long-term.

    If you’d like to reach out, I’m happy to chat via email at erin.tanco@gmail.com or on Facebook.

  • Maria Gallo

    Maria Gallo

    Wesbrook Place

    Hi my name is Maria Gallo and I have lived in Wesbrook Village since 2017, along with my 5 year old son, husband and our dogs. I teach on campus and love living in our neighbourhood, as  proud members of this wonderful community. Our neighbours and neighbourhood continually impress me; it’s a vibrant, growing community filled with working professionals raising young families. And I care about our young families.

    Its potential to be the best place to live is evident; however, its safety, sustainability and diversity are topics that I would like to better if nominated.  A balance between housing, commercial real estate and nature (green space) are topics of conversations I would like to engage in and address. I am passionate about wellness, and I believe one’s community can deeply influence one’s physical, social, emotional & mental dimensions. And this is something I’ll work to improve for all of us and our community. Thank you for considering me for your vote.

  • Mary Gan

    Mary Gan

    Wesbrook Place


    I’m Mary Gan and I am running to be a part of the UNA Board of Directors.

    I’m a recent UBC graduate where I received my degree in Biology from the Faculty of Science. Through my residency at Wesbrook Village, I know first-hand how important it is for the community to be involved in the decision-making process that directly impacts them. I was inspired to run for the UNA Board of Directors as I began to talk to residents about safety, noise control, future land use development, and social amenities.

    My candidacy for the UNA Board of Directors focuses on actively engaging residents through new communication methods such as social media, making certain that future land use plans take into account the voices of our residents, and working with staff to ensure that the UNA is as transparent as possible. Moreover, I am also eager to represent your concerns to the UBC Board of Governors through the UNA-UBC Liaison Committee.

    I invite you to reach out to me via email at gan.mary2@gmail.com.

  • Eagle Glassheim

    Eagle Glassheim

    Wesbrook Place

    The UBC campus and our neighbourhoods are governed by a unique mix of overlapping bodies: the University, the Province, and the University Neighbourhoods Association. The benefits of this arrangement are considerable, offering us access to exceptional facilities, programming, green spaces, and diverse neighbourhoods. But we have no municipal government, which makes it difficult to advocate for safer streets, affordable housing, progressive zoning laws, or anything else we’d expect from a city government. The UNA does a good job within its mandate, but it needs our help to do more.

    I’m running for the UNA board to be a voice for traffic safety, livable and green public space, transparent and participatory governance, and hands-on and community-oriented engagement with UBC, UEL, the Vancouver School Board, and the Province. As a parent of two school-aged kids (and a dog and cat), the leader of the University Faculty and Staff Tenant’s Association (UFASTA), and a UBC professor, I’d represent a wide range of perspectives on the UNA board. Above all, I’d work to engage you, all our neighbours, on the issues that matter most to you.

  • Bill Holmes

    Bill Holmes

    Hampton Place

    I’m seeking election to the UNA Board so that I can help make the UNA a stronger representative entity for residents. A big step in this direction was taken with the change to an all-elected Board, a reform which I helped initiate and implement. Since March 2021 I have chaired a committee whose goal is to update and improve the Neighbours Agreement between the UNA and UBC, including by enhancing the UNA’s role in its relationship with UBC. I seek election also so that I can continue to lead the effort to obtain fair property tax treatment for our community.

    I joined the UNA Board in February 2020 as an appointed director, replacing an elected director who moved away, and have been Chair of the Finance Committee since November 2020. However, my involvement with the UNA began long before (in 2012) and has included serving as an active member of the elections advisory committee and committees for revising the UNA Bylaws and the Neighbours Agreement. Hampton Place has been my home for almost 20 years. I’m a UBC alumnus and have had two careers, first as an actuary and then as a tax lawyer. I’m now retired.

  • Zheng (Jane) Kang

    Zheng (Jane) Kang

    Wesbrook Place

    UNA area is my first home when I moved to Vancouver. During the past 10 years, I learnt a lot from my neighbours especially the culture difference. Our neighbourhood is filled by academic professional people also well-educated new immigrants from all over the world. That really love here and adopted to be open-minded.

    I understood our neighbourhood history, the relationship with other organizations, the policies and the work process during last two years as elected director. I worked with other UNA board directors and staff to communicate most residents well and the new bylaw and constitution finally were gone through to bring a new chapter of UNA. Under working a more effective staff team management last year our finance report showed significant healthy even during Covid-19 pandemic. I am leading CEAC (engagement committee) to ensure more residents voices can be heard.

    There are more things I could do in the next term such as to build the survey channel, dog bylaw and improve traffic and safety issues. I am a team player and quick learner, patient listener to achieve more for UNA. I respect honesty and integrity beyond everything. I determined to make our society a better place in great Vancouver.

  • Fei Liu

    Fei Liu

    Wesbrook Place

    Fei received MA in Adult Education from UofRegina eight years ago. She has worked in education at two non-profit organizations in SK and BC. Before moving from China in 2012, she was an exhibition coordinator. With certificates in both Strategic PR and University Teaching in Canada, Fei, an active volunteer, applied her expertise in community participation, event management and strategic planning.

    As a mother of two children (7 and 12), Fei has been the NRP PAC Parent Education committee chair for three years. Through PAC, Fei recognized concerns to the newcomer’s settlement, traffic safety and after-school activities requiring community-led initiatives. Volunteering with universities, Immigrant Women’s Center, seniors’ home, Harvest and Hunger Food Forum, church, and successfully organizing the Vancouver #StopAsianHate rally on March 28th, 2021 surpassing 1,000 attendees will enable her to:

    • Community Engagement (Expand connections community-wide, Empower new immigrants and underrepresented groups)
    • Security and Sustainability (Reinforce Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion; Combat climate change; Enhance community and road safety)
    • Stakeholder Relationships (Maintain and establish partnerships with the Musqueam Indian Band, UBC, UEL, RCMP, VSB, YMCA, NRP, UHill Elementary and Secondary, BC Transit, government, etc.)
    • Land-use Planning (Methodize communities with housing, local business, schools, and recreation)
  • Murray McCutcheon

    Murray McCutcheon

    Hawthorn Place

    I am an elected UNA Board Member running for re-election.  My aim is to help create an effective, accountable UNA Board committed to promoting the livability and community orientation of the UNA neighbourhoods.

    I am proud at the progress we have made during my Board tenure.  We redefined the executive leadership position of the UNA to be a municipal-like Chief Administrative Officer and conducted a successful leadership search that culminated in the hiring of Sundance Topham, who has excelled in his role.  Backed by a 94% favourable vote of members, we revised the UNA constitution and bylaws to provide for a fully elected Board that represents interests of residents and is prepared to take positions on matters relating to land use and development.

    We are entering a critical time for the UNA and the future of our community as UBC embarks on its Campus Vision 2050 project.  We need a strong, effective Board to ensure the future developments prioritize quality of life, community-oriented design, affordability, and green space.  I am committed to continuing my advocacy for residents and would be honoured to serve again.

  • Ali Mojdehi

    Ali Mojgeh

    Hawthorn Place

    Ali immigrated to Canada and Landed on unceded territories of Coast Salish people in 1993; Canada has been his home ever since.

    After working on campus for several years, he and his young family decided to move to campus, the unceded territory of Musqueam people, in 2015. Ali believes UBC is a beautiful, safe and vibrant community to live and raise a family. Being close to home and not having to deal with traffic every day is helpful too!

    Ali has worked in the UBC Campus Security department for almost 12 years and is currently the Acting Director of Campus Security. In his role, Ali recognizes reaching out to the community plays a significant role in the safety and security of the campus. He has built strong relationships with community partners, including RCMP, VFD and the UNA.

    Ali values good leadership and honesty; he cares about this community and is open to learning about our needs. If elected, Ali will help this great community by providing educated advice on safety and security issues and reaching out to our diverse community.  “I am honest with the intention of building relationships that are co-creative,” Ali says.

  • Sofia Ngieng

    Sofia Ngieng

    Hampton Place

    My name is Sofia Ngieng and I am running to be a Director on your UNA Board of Directors!

    As a senior undergraduate political science major at UBC from the Hampton Place neighbourhood, I recognize how important it is to cultivate an affordable, accessible, and equitable COMMUNITY FOR ALL.

    My campaign focuses on ensuring that the UNA is fighting for the interests of residents as UBC renews its Land Use Plan by advocating for stronger climate action through improved sustainability initiatives, working with residents to understand interests and concerns related to land use development, and supporting the advancement of transit solutions that we use as a part of UBC’s larger community.

    Moreover, I am increasingly excited to continue to work with all key relevant stakeholders to improve the municipal-like, recreational, and social services that the UNA provides YOU, the residents. For too long, we’ve had an insularity problem when it comes to the UNA’s governance and if elected, I will change that problem by ensuring that we’re working with residents while also working with the relevant stakeholders to increase external engagement. Feel free to reach out to me via email at sofiangieng@gmail.com or on Facebook.

  • Mitchell Prost

    Mitchell Prost

    Hawthorn Place

    Hi there!

    My name is Mitchell Prost and I am a recent graduate of the University of British Columbia and a resident of Hawthorn Place.

    In my time at UBC, I have developed a vision for fostering an inclusive and collaborative community that supports its members. I believe the UNA can work towards this by directly engaging with our residents.

    If elected, I will work towards ensuring that residents are being directly consulted on the issues that impact them – whether those issues pertain to land use development, community engagement, recreational services, or noise control.

    Throughout my career, I have served on a wide variety of committees and boards, including the Regional and Civic Affairs Committee of the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade, the Renters Advisory Committee of the City of Vancouver, and the Board of Directors of the National Association of College and University Residence Halls.

    As a UNA Director, I will bring my previous board and committee experience to be an active and effective advocate for the change that you want to see from our community and the UNA as an organization.

    I can be contacted via email at mitchell.prost@gmail.com.

  • Richard Watson

    Richard Watson

    Hawthorn Place

    It’s been a pleasure to serve as Elected Director and Chair. We accomplished a great deal – new bylaws and governance structure, a new CAO, and survival through the pandemic!  The Board is an important body for cultivating and developing this culturally diverse community. I think we made a difference but it’s time to look to the future. Here is my focus:

    Redefining Strategic Goals – A lot has changed in two years and we need to revisit our priorities. Land use planning and UNA input to UBCs Vision 2050 are important components.

    Activating Community – Promoting positive social engagement and cultivating space to gather, garden, walk, inquire, stay healthy, raise children and have a sense of belonging is central. Effective use of community centres, access to amenities like EV stations, as well as ecologically responsible landscaping, recycle and reuse practices are important too.

    Safety – A new Bylaw for Dogs and improved traffic safety are key. Lobbying and Stakeholder relationships with UBC, Metro Vancouver, the Province and the RCMP will be important for success.

    The UNA is a special place and the future depends on us to guide the growth for flourishing in generations to come. As a 15-year resident I have the experience and passion to represent you.

Voting Information

Voting Packages
UNA members will receive an elections package in the mail containing their ballots and information on how to vote on the week of November 8, 2021. Anyone who becomes a member by October 27 will receive an elections package in the mail. Anyone who signs up to become a UNA Member from October 28 to November 26 can pick up an elections package at the Wesbrook Community Centre, Old Barn Community Centre or UNA Main Office. Anyone who signs up after November 26 is not be eligible to vote for the 2021 UNA Elections (please see UNA Bylaw 5.10).

Representation Across Neighbourhoods
In order for all neighbourhoods to be represented in the Board, in the event that more than three Directors who reside in a particular UNA neighbourhood or designated building get the highest number of votes the provisions in UNA Bylaw 5.14 will apply.

How to Vote
The election process includes safeguards to protect the integrity of the election by ensuring all votes remain anonymous, while also applying due diligence related to voter eligibility. Only one ballot per member is allowed. The process is outlined in the materials below. A copy of these documents will be included in the mail-out.

Important Dates

Please note the following dates of deadlines and events related to the UNA Election. The UNA will also announce all key information and events through the UNA Community Newsletter and by email to UNA members.

  • September 24 – Notice of Election and Call for Nominations
  • October 8 – Deadline for Nominations and Announcement of Candidates
  • November 8 – Mailing of Election Packages to UNA members
  • November 18 – All-Candidates Forum (via video conference, 7-8:30 p.m. An invitation link to attend will be sent out closer to the date of the event.)
  • November 26 – Deadline for Residents to Register to Vote (As per Bylaw 5.10, only persons who are members two business days before the deadline to submit ballots are eligible to participate in the elections.)
  • November 30 – Deadline to Submit Ballots, Ballot Counting and Announcement of Elections Results


  • Why are elections being held separately from the Annual General Meeting (AGM)?

    In the previous version of the UNA Bylaws, elections were held on the same schedule as the AGMs. The change in timing for elections is necessitated by (a.) the requirement in the UNA Bylaws that the AGM be held by September 30 of the year, and (b.) the inclusion in the Bylaws of timing rules for each step in the election process. The change in timing avoids the need for the election procedure to begin in the middle of the summer.

  • Why are there so many envelopes?

    The package each member receives will include three envelopes and a ballot. It is important in this election, as it is in others, to ensure that the voting is anonymous. The return outer envelope facilitates mailing. The certification envelope ensures the validity of the vote and authenticity of the ballot. Once removed from the certification envelope, the secrecy envelope ensures the anonymity of the voter.

  • What is the unique envelope number?

    Each certification envelope bears a unique envelope number that helps the election officers certify the authenticity of the materials used to submit the votes. It is important to note that, to ensure anonymity, no identifying number is assigned to the ballot itself.

  • I am a candidate. Where can I find materials and forms for candidates?

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