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May 15, 2020 News

Starting May 15, 2020, the UNA Website and UNA Account system have been updated to include some key changes designed to improve usability and functionality. These changes provide the UNA with a strong technological foundation that will help us to continue providing high quality services during this unique time.

UNA Website:
The new design of the UNA Website has the community as the focus point, with recreation, events and other services more prominently featured. Along with these visual changes, we have made some important improvements in the background that will help us to continue developing the website to adapt to the future needs of our community.

UNA Accounts:
The new UNA Account system is launching with the new website. We are introducing this new software for recreation programs and services management. The UNA Account will be your primary access point for UNA services. Over the next week, we will be moving existing accounts over into this new system.

We are here to support everyone through this transition to the new system. If you have any questions about your UNA Accounts or accessing UNA recreation services through our website, please send us a message on our online chat system, or email us at support@myuna.ca.