Our Locations

UNA Office

University Neighbourhoods Association

#202-5923 Berton Ave.
Vancouver, British Columbia V6S 0B3

Tel: 604.827.5158
Fax: 604.827.5375
E-mail: reception@myuna.ca

Office Hours

Monday-Friday | 8:30AM – 4:30PM

We Are Community at Wesbrook Community Centre

Wesbrook Community Centre

3335 Webber Lane
Vancouver BC V6S 0H3

Tel: 604.822.4227
Email: registration@myuna.ca

Opening Hours

Please see our Parks + Rec website for more information.

We Are Community at The Old Barn Community Centre

Old Barn Community Centre

6308 Thunderbird Blvd
Vancouver BC V6T1Z4

Tel: 604.827.4469
Email: reception@oldbarn.ca

Opening Hours

Please see our Parks + Rec website for more information.

Meet the Team


Johanne Blenkin
Executive Director
Tel: 604.827.5317
Email: johanne,blenkin@myuna.ca

Wegland Sit
Operations Manager

Tel: 604.822.3263
Email: wegland.sit@myuna.ca

Beanie Bains
Finance Manager

Tel: 604.827.3888
Email: beanie.bains@myuna.ca

Mladen Ljumovic
Accounting Assistant
Tel: 604.822.9931
Email: mladen.ljumovic@myuna.ca

Rocio Escalona

Tel: 604.827.5158
Email: reception@myuna.ca

Miguel Rozo
Administrative Assistant
Tel: 604.822.3901
Email Miguel.Rozo@myuna.ca


Brandon Perrett
Marketing Communications Coordinator
Tel: 604.827.5540
Email: brandon.perrett@myuna.ca

Megan Hansen
Graphic Design & Content Developer

Tel: 604.827.5947
Email: megan.hansen@myuna.ca


Kevin York
Wesbrook Front Desk Lead

Tel: 604.822.5031
Email:  kevin.york@myuna.ca

Dorota Mann
Old Barn Front Desk Lead
Tel: 604.827.3262
Email: DMann@myuna.ca


Andrew Clements
Recreation Manager
Tel: 604.822.1736
Email: andrew.clements@myuna.ca

Laura Van Dyk
Program Coordinator

Tel: 604.827.2681
Email: laura.vandyk@myuna.ca

Kathryn Wong
Program Coordinator

Tel: 604.822.9295
Email: kathryn.wong@myuna.ca

Taylor Scott
Youth Program Coordinator
Tel: 604.822.4227
Email: tscott@myuna.ca

Anthony Evangelista
Fitness Centre Coordinator

Tel: 604.822.6419
Email: Anthony.Evangelista@myuna.ca

Qiuning Wang
Community Engagement & Volunteer Coordinator

Tel: 604.822.3799
Email: qiuning.wang@myuna.ca\

Matthew Delumpa 
Sales and Communications Ambassador
Tel: 604.822.9675
Email: matthew.delumpa@myuna.ca