September 8, 2023 News

Due to a concert taking place at the Thunderbird Sports Centre on Saturday, September 9, UBC Parking will initiate traffic flow changes. They are:

  1. All day. Parking will not be permitted on the East side of East Mall from Thunderbird Blvd to 16th Ave. and on the West side of East Mall from FP Innovations to 16th Ave.
  2. Evening. 10:15 p.m. through midnight. To expedite traffic exiting the venue’s parkade, a two-lane exit plan will be used that directs traffic southbound along East Mall to 16th Ave. During this period, traffic flow will only be moving southbound along this section of East Mall.
  3. Public transit. Bus #68 will not stop at Thunderbird Blvd and Eagles Drive, instead it will continue east along Thunderbird Blvd to East Mall.