The UNA Community Engagement Survey was launched on Monday, April 11, 2022 and closed on Monday, May 2. It was distributed by email newsletter and through mailout to all addresses in the UBC neighbourhoods.

In total, the survey received 867 respondents (85% by email, 15% by mailout/website). The data is valid 19 times out of 20 within the margin of error based on an estimated population of 15,000 (+/-3.21%).

This is the first year of data collection for this survey and results will be helpful for the UNA as it sets baselines and works to improve communications and engagement with residents. Please note that the survey did not include questions about recreation and community centre programming because more engagement opportunities are being planned.


Community Life

  • 79% feel it is important to be involved in community decision-making opportunities and are interested in participating in UNA Community events, facilities, and services
  • 71% are satisfied with community life within the UNA neighbourhoods

UNA Services and Events

  • 57% are well-informed about UNA services
  • 63% are well-informed about community events
  • 66% have attended a UNA event

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  • 88% prefer the email newsletter as the source of events and community news
  • 70% are most interested in receiving information about community events
  • 34% don’t use social media, while 27% prefer Facebook and 18% prefer Instagram

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  • 46% would consider volunteering with the UNA,
  • 55% would expect to volunteer 1-10 hours per year.
  • 54% are between the ages of 35-54
  • 49% work full-time

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Campus Vision 2050
As part of Campus Vision 2050, UBC is currently planning the next 10-year Land Use Plan that sets forth overall land uses and densities for the campus, we asked the following open-ended questions and the following trends appeared in the answers:

What are the key elements of the UBC neighbourhoods that should be preserved?

What do you hope does not happen in the Land Use Plan?

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Please note that this data is based on what was collected from the survey. For a full picture of the demographic distribution in the neighbourhoods please consult data from the latest Statistics Canada Census.



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