April 30, 2021 News, Public Service

To address resident concerns and to improve service delivery, the UNA has been working on new landscaping pilot projects.

In February 2021, the UNA collaborated with external landscape equipment supplier Greenworks Commercial to facilitate an electric landscape equipment demonstration with UNA landscaping teams.

Meridian Landscaping and Badger Earthworks were invited to attend the demonstration program. Greenworks Commercial also provided a one-week free rental program to UNA’s landscaping teams to give them the opportunity to test the new electric-powered equipment firsthand. Both landscaping teams had positive comments and feedback on the new equipment.

Starting April 15, the UNA launched a pilot project to implement the electric powered equipment in park spaces in Hawthorn Place.

At Wesbrook Place, UNA staff are working with UBC Properties Trust and Wesbrook Stratas to develop a more consolidated landscaping schedule. This work in is in progress and a status update will be provided as soon as they’re available.

UNA staff are preparing a proposal that outlines improved landscaping strategies to be included in a UNA Landscape Management Plan will be coming to the UNA Board of Directors meeting in May.