As many UNA residents have expressed eager interest in gaining access to garden plots, we are pleased to announce the official opening of two new UNA community garden sites. While the gardens’ names are being finalized, we are tentatively calling them Greenway North and Greenway South, as they are divided by the Greenway by Ross Drive and the UBC Farm. The Greenway North Plot is next door to Oakwood Townhomes and features 20 garden plots and eight communal plots which will be a place for interested volunteers to grow communal herbs, flowers and food. The Greenway South Plot is next to the UBC Farm Entrance and features 30 garden plots near the district energy unit.

If you are a UNA resident with an active UNA Card, you can apply for a garden plot through your UNA Account. Garden plots will be assigned chronologically, based on the original application date.

There are always opportunities to get involved in gardening at the Old Barn Children’s Garden for people keen on getting started.

For questions, please contact UNA Sustainability Specialist, Julia Gellman at

About the UNA Community Gardens 
The UNA provides residents with the opportunity to join community gardens. With five garden sites containing over 200 assigned plots plus the Old Barn Children’s Garden, UNA residents can grow their own food and flowers while connecting to their community and environment.

The first garden, Hawthorn Garden, was opened in 2008, followed shortly by Rhodo Garden. Nobel Garden was opened in 2012. The Greenway Gardens (names pending) will be opened in 2021, for a total of 230 plots between the five gardens.

The community gardens are managed by the UNA, and supported by volunteer community garden committees.