Re-Creation: A Community Art Project is an initiative that engages community members in the creation of a public art piece that will be displayed at the heart of Wesbrook Community Centre. This project’s creative direction will be led by Yasaman Moussavi, a professional artist who is an art instructor at the UNA and a resident living in the community.

Through collaborative art making, this project aims to raise environmental awareness and foster a feeling of solidarity within the community. Participants work together to turn waste into an art (repurposing newspapers, magazines, letters) while creating dialogue about environmental issues. This collaborative art project provides a creative tactile experience while cultivating community building.

This expressive piece will add vibrancy, animate the community centre and remind us of the power that art has to create dialogue and bring people together.

Workshops are free, but registration is required.

The project launched on Neighbours Day, September 10, 2022 at Wesbrook Community Centre, Art room.

We’ll continue to create, together, through a series of monthly workshops that take place during the 2022-23 season.

Spring Workshops

Art Piece Unveiling | June 17, 2023