March 3, 2023 News, Sustainability Tips

The UNA is providing more recycling bins for easier and more convenient receptacles for items such as coffee cups, take-out containers and plastic water bottles. Keep an eye out for the new recycling bins in and around our neighbourhoods or find them marked with a blue dot on the maps below.

We have also replaced old waste bins with bigger and better bins that are animal-proof. We’ve brought in larger capacity bins and improved collection to help curb previous issues of overflowing. You can find the new waste bins marked in orange on the maps.

Triple stream bins that include paper recycling are also available in a couple of locations marked in green on the maps.

Looking to recycle other items? The UNA Green Depot recycling centre accepts plastic bags, clothing and textiles, Styrofoam and more. To learn more about what you can recycle at the Green Depot, visit:

Residents can take items not accepted at the Green Depot to the City of Vancouver’s Zero Waste Centre. Follow the link to learn more.




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