February 3, 2023 News

A rise in cases of rental fraud have been observed recently as noted by The RCMP University Detachment. A high number of these cases involve a fabricated rental listing, where the potential tenant communicates with the landlord through online means. A seemingly authentic rental contract is established, followed by the landlord asking for a deposit, often via an electronic transfer. On the designated day of occupancy, the tenant discovers that either the property is not available for rent or that the listed address is fraudulent. The current rental market is highly competitive, and renters are eager to secure a place to live promptly. It’s worth mentioning that these scams often prey on foreign students who may be unfamiliar with the local area. However, reports have been of scams targeting residents from the mainland who are relocating to a campus.

A few preventative steps as recommended by the RCMP University Detachment are:

  1. If possible, inspect the unit by visiting the property and meeting the landlord in person.
  2. Conduct online research to verify the validity of the address and check for multiple rental listings.
  3. Request previous utility bills to confirm the identity of the owner.
  4. Be suspicious if the landlord is requesting cryptocurrency as payment.
  5. Avoid transferring money online before you have met the landlord or confirmed their identity through alternative methods.

For more information, contact 604-224-1322 or visit the RCMP University Detachment to have your questions answered in person.