How to Get Support

Our support team is here to help. Typically, we respond to requests within one (1) business day.

  • Website

    Contact us through our support widget. 

    The support widget at the bottom right corner of the window provides a convenient way to chat directly with our support staff or submit a new support request. Also, this support page has some helpful info for the most common support questions.

  • Email

    Contact us by sending an email to

    Our support team is available throughout the week, including evenings and weekends.

  • Phone

    Contact us by calling 604-822-4227.

    Call the Wesbrook Community Centre during operating hours to speak directly with a member of our support team.

  • In-Person
Support Tickets

Our support team uses customer tickets to keep track of incoming requests. When you contact us by through our website or by email, a support ticket will be started in our system. We use this ticket to make sure your question gets to the right person, so you can get the right answer.

When a ticket is created, you will receive an email from the UNA with a copy of your original message and reference number. If you would like to add information to your original request, you can respond directly to the ticket email.

Account Information

  • How to create a UNA Account

    Create an account at

    1. Go to
    2. Select the “Create a new account” button
    3. Enter your information into the provided fields.


  • How to recover a lost/forgotten password

    Reset your password at

    1. Go to
    2. Select “Forgot password”
    3. Enter your email click the “Reset password” button
    4. Reset your password through the provided email
  • How to edit account information

    Select the “Edit” button to make changes.

    The green “edit” button will open the profile editor. Once you are done making changes, select “Save” and your information will be updated. If you are having issues with editing information within your account, contact

  • How to get community discounts

    Residents of UBC neighbourhoods are entitled to discounts for select UNA services and UBC facilities.

    To start getting discounts with a UNA Card, residents must verify their address. For more information about the benefits and process, visit

Services Information

  • How to register for a UNA program/event

    Option 1: UNA Account

    • Log in to your UNA Account
    • Navigate to the “Programs” section under the “Services” tab.
    • Filter or search to find the program you would like to register for.
    • Follow the registration process and complete payment.

    Option 2: UNA Website

    1. Go to
    2. Filter or search to find the program you would like to register for.
    3. Select “Register Online” and log in to your UNA Account
    4. Follow the registration process and complete payment.
  • How to purchase a parking permit

    Visit our parking desk at the Wesbrook Community Centre to purchase a parking permit. Our staff will assist you with document verification and payment before issuing a physical parking permit. For more information and important dates, visit

Governance Information

  • How to become a UNA Society Member

    In order to participate in the UNA’s governance activities, such as general meetings and Board elections, a person must first become a UNA Society Member.

    To become a member, a person must be:

    • at least 18 years of age, and
    • reside in any of the following neighbourhoods or designated buildings:
      • East Campus
      • Chancellor Place
      • Hampton Place
      • Hawthorn Place
      • Wesbrook Place
      • Central Building
      • Focal Building
  • How to vote in UNA Elections

    The election process includes safeguards to protect the integrity of the election by ensuring all votes remain anonymous, while also applying due diligence related to voter eligibility. Voting packages with instructions will be distributed to UNA society members in advance of any UNA election.

    For more details, visit

  • How to provide feedback to the UNA Board of Directors

    The UNA Board of Directors is always looking for community feedback.

    General Feedback
    Contact us at and our support staff will direct your message to the right team. For sensitive topics, send an email to our CAO, Sundance Topham.

    Community Surveys
    The UNA conducts community surveys on various topics, with results being provided to the UNA Board. Participating in these surveys is a great way to provide your feedback on specific topics.


  • How to pay the UBC Services Levy

    The UBC Services Levy is collected and managed by UBC.

    UBC allocates the funds collected from the UBC Services Levy into the Neighbour’s Fund and other UNA reserves. The UNA uses the Neigbours’ Fund to provide services and maintenance for the community. For the latest information on payment procedures, visit the UBC Services Levy page.