November 1, 2022 Community, News, Sustainability Tips

Choosing to travel with active transportation is one of the most impactful ways that individuals can lower their carbon footprint and GHG emissions. Adam Hyslop, Manager of Transportation Planning at UBC Campus + Community Planning joined our third Sustainability Session to explain how UBC is increasing and encouraging active transportation methods.

UBC’s Vancouver campus may be at the western-most edge of Vancouver, but it serves a regional population. People from every corner of Metro Vancouver travel to and from campus every day. They rely heavily on core transit lines – over 1000 buses a day flow through the UBC bus loop – or on private vehicles. Through UBC’s Transportation Plan and the Campus Vision 2050 process, Adam’s goal is to reduce the number of single occupant vehicle trips and increase active transportation trips. Some measures taken include reducing the number of parking spaces and increasing bike parking infrastructure. There are now more spaces for bikes on campus than for cars!

UBC’s size also creates some on-campus challenges. Adam noted that 10% of students have classes that are scheduled too far apart to easily walk within their 10-minute breaks. The introduction of the HOPR bike share program and a future expansion into e-bike sharing is one solution. Adam is also studying cyclists’ travel patterns, which will inform the construction of dedicated separated cycling corridors through campus.

As the campus population grows and as the transportation needs of UNA neighbourhoods are addressed, they will be coordinated through Campus Vision 2050. This includes re-thinking how remote work and remote learning may change travel patterns, and continuing to advocate for the Broadway Subway to be extended to UBC.

UNA residents can share their thoughts through the Campus Vision 2050 engagement process.

The UNA’s monthly Sustainability Sessions are an opportunity for residents to spend their lunch hour learning about different sustainability topics and initiatives happening in the UNA and UBC communities. If you have a topic that you’d like to learn about email Robyn Chan, UNA Sustainability Specialist, at