January 27, 2023 News

Following a recent incident involving fallen trees in Hampton Place, Diamond Head Consulting conducted a second arborist report to evaluate all boulevard trees in the neighborhood. The report’s findings are consistent with those of a previous report conducted by Urban Grove Tree Care and Consulting in 2021. The second report indicates that the overall health of the trees is fair, and the risk posed by the remaining trees is low. The report also advises to implement the recommendations made by Urban Grove.

As for next steps and a timeline:

Jan 30 – 31 | Removal of a hazardous tree which can be identified by the red pin above.

  1. The sidewalk near the tree will be temporarily closed due to the removal work and pedestrians will be redirected to nearby crosswalks (As indicated by the yellow arrows above).
  2. Set-up of a temporary no parking zone to support the changes (Red Flags seen above)

Feb 01 – Mid Feb | Pruning and structural pruning for trees in the vicinity of Pemberly

  1. Pruning & reduce the size of the crown
  2. Street parking on the eastbound side of Hampton Place will be impacted during work.

Mid – Late Feb | Pruning and structural pruning for the other trees located along Hampton Boulevard

  1. Continuing pruning and reducing crown area.