September 13, 2022 News

UBC Properties Trust has sent the following message as an update to the status of the eagles nest on Wesbrook Place.



An eagle’s nest was established in this area prior to 2011 and has been active since 2017. At that time. A Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) was engaged to monitor nest activity and establish protocols to protect the eagles and their habitat. Based on recommendations of the QEP, development in the area was revised to provide a vegetative buffer to protect additional trees near the nest.


An eagle pair continues to nest in this area. In anticipation of new residential construction on Lot 6 across Ross Drive from the eagles’ nest, UBC and UBC Properties Trust are taking further action on the advice of the Ministry of Forests, to support the nesting pair.

  • 2020: An alternate eagles’ nest was constructed and positioned away from the future Lot 6 construction site. The Hancock Wildlife Foundation, a leading conservation organization that specializes in the protection of bald eagles, was hired to build and place the nest.
    The location of the alternate nest offers a buffer of undisturbed natural vegetation and minimal noise, and is in clear view so that the eagles can find it when they return each year.
  • FALL 2022: Conservation experts fabricated a custom-made cone to be placed on the existing nest, encouraging the eagles to choose the alternate nest during construction on Lot 6.
    In early September 2022, the Ministry of Forests issued a permit allowing the nest to be coned once the eagle family has vacated the nest for the year.
  • CONSTRUCTION COMPLETION: Once construction in the area is complete, the cone will be removed and the eagles will have two nests to choose from when they return to the area to nest
  • ONGOING: The eagles’ nest is being actively monitored during construction activity in the neighbourhood.

The protected species management plan for this area was developed with guidance from the BC Ministry of Forests and wildlife conservation experts.

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