November 29, 2022 News, Safety

Sidewalk Snow Removal

Sidewalk snow removal crews are ready for deployment first thing in the morning of Wednesday, November 30, 2022. For snow and ice concerns, please contact

The UNA works with UBC to have snow removal crews on stand-by to ensure that residents can have access to key areas in the neighbourhoods after or during heavy snowfall.

The UNA will prioritize the following locations for snow and ice removal:

  • Sidewalks around essential services
  • Sidewalks around community centres
  • Sidewalks around schools
  • School routes
  • High traffic sidewalks that are connected to main UBC walkways
  • Sidewalks around bus stops
  • Major crosswalks and letdowns

For more information, please see the UNA Sidewalks Maps.

The focus of UNA snow removal crews is to keep ice from forming on sidewalks. Ice maintenance services will be performed based on the weather forecast. Snow removal service will begin when two to three inches of snow has accumulated.

Our snow removal crews will prioritize their work to ensure residents are able to access key areas in the neighbourhood. Snow removal crews will first tackle primary priority sidewalks and then branch out toward secondary priority sidewalks.

In order to maximize efficiency, snow removal crews will focus on one neighbourhood at a time. Snow removal will begin in Wesbrook Place and Hawthorn Place, and then extend their service to nearby neighbourhoods.

Please Note: In case of extreme weather conditions, snow removal crews may face significant challenges to travel back to the UNA area due to uncontrollable circumstances. Please note this may significantly impact our snow and ice removal operations. UNA snow removal crews will make their very best efforts to prioritize, and perform removal service with the resource that is available under extreme conditions.

Roadway Snow Removal

The UNA contracts UBC Building Operations for snow removal on roads.

The focus of UBC Building Operations is to keep ice from forming on roadways and to mobilize when the forecast gives us reason to believe we have ice concerns for roads. As the snow starts to fall, UBC Building Operations will start to plow when the accumulation of snow reaches approximately two inches and carry on with this until the snow event ends.

Residents are encouraged to take the closest primary roads and sidewalks for commuting purposes. Please refer to the UBC Snow Removal Map for a diagram of all primary roads and sidewalks.


For the latest updates on snow removal in your neighbourhood, please visit