September 15, 2023 News

In July, the University Endowment Lands (UEL) conducted maintenance to the 16th Ave. water main which supplies water to the UBC Vancouver campus. The UEL was expected to be conducting additional maintenance and testing in late August, however, due to the current water restrictions and a typically busier start of the September school year, the UEL maintenance work has been rescheduled to October 11-24, 2023.

In October, the UEL will conduct additional maintenance and testing to the 16th Avenue water main. As a precaution, facilities will be isolating this pipe and rerouting the water supply to minimize disruption. The plumbing team will be flushing the system prior and throughout this work. There is a possibility that some buildings on the UBC campus may experience mild discolouration in the water, and minor water pressure variances may also occur during the reenergizing process.

The water remains safe for use and consumption. Once the 16th Ave. water main is back in operation, Facilities will continue to monitor and test the water supply.

To learn more about UBC Vancouver’s water supply, visit Safety & Risk Services.