Welcome to the Community

You are joining a vibrant and diverse community of over 15,000 residents in a truly unique location – a beautiful peninsula known for its ocean views, old-growth forest and, of course, the University of British Columbia (UBC).

The UNA is committed to the development of a healthy and vibrant community, and provides services and facilities that promote health, safety, sustainability, communication, interaction, culture, recreation, comfort and convenience to residents.

About the UNA

The UNA’s mandate is to promote the development of good neighbourhoods and to provide, operate and maintain services and facilities on behalf of residents.

It manages infrastructure, such as community centres, parks, roads and sidewalks, and regulates matters of concern in the public realm, such as parking and noise.

The full scope of its services is detailed in the Neighbours’ Agreement with UBC.

About Us


The University Neighbourhoods Association (UNA) is a non-profit society, incorporated under the Societies Act of British Columbia.

UNA governance frameworks are established in the UNA Constitution and UNA Bylaws, and the UNA’s partnership with UBC is defined in the Neighbours’ Agreement.

  • Membership

    In order to participate in the UNA’s governance procedures, residents must sign up to become a UNA Member. To be eligible, you must be at least 18 years old and live in a designated residential neighbourhood or building.

    Please note that membership is not automatic when you sign up for a UNA Account or UNA Card – residents are required to opt-in to membership when providing proof of residency documents to the UNA.

    Learn more at myuna.ca/society.

  • Board & Committees

    The UNA Board of Directors oversees, develops policies and sets out the strategic priorities of the society. UNA Board of Directors meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month (subject to mitigating factors).

    The UNA Board is elected by UNA Members. UBC appoints two non-voting observer-participants, and the Alma Mater Society appoints one non-voting observer-participant to take part in open and closed Board meetings.

    The UNA operates topic specific committees to assist with the efficient operation of the society. Committee members support decision-making processes by providing additional expertise to the UNA.

  • Financial Information

    More details coming soon.

  • Strategic Planning

    More details coming soon.


The Wesbrook and Old Barn Community Centres provide hundreds of seasonal recreation programs and offer spaces for gathering, learning, exercising, and playing.

The UNA’s community spaces include an expansive network of parks, playgrounds, sports fields and community gardens.

The UNA also has offices in Wesbrook Village, Wesbrook Community Centre, and the Old Barn Community Centre.


Facility Details

Recreation Services

The UNA offers expansive recreation services through our community centres, fitness centres, sports fields, and community gardens. Learn more about UNA Recreation or see what UNA Programs are currently available.

  • Arts & Culture

    We are committed to building community through experiences and expression.

  • Health & Fitness

    We are committed to providing accessible opportunities to get fit and stay healthy.

    • Fitness Centres
    • Personal Training
    • Programs
  • Education & Sports

    We are committed to providing new challenges for learners of all ages. Looking to get learn a new sport? We play soccer, basketball, volleyball, pickleball and table tennis.

  • Camps

    We offer full-week and pro-d day camps for children in and around the UBC Point Grey Campus.

    • Arts Camps
    • Education Camps
    • Physical Activity Camps
    • Summer Adventure Camps
  • Private Bookings

    We offer indoor and outdoor bookable spaces for private functions.

    • Room Rentals
    • Field Rentals
    • Birthday Parties
Discounts for Residents

Residents of UBC neighbourhoods are entitled to discounts for select UNA services and UBC facilities. To start getting discounts, sign up for a UNA Card through your UNA Account. Learn more about all the benefits at myuna.ca/card

UNA Card

Community Services

The UNA provides municipal like services for residents of UBC neighbourhoods.

  • Parking

    Our on-street permit parking approach aims to provide neighbourhood residents and authorized visitors accessible parking within UNA neighbourhoods.

    Currently, residents living in Wesbrook Place and Hawthorn Place are required to purchase permits for on-street parking.

    For more information about the annual schedule, permit pricing, and requirements, visit our UNA Parking page.

  • Road Works

    The UNA manages the maintenance and repairs of streets and sidewalks within the local areas and coordinates with UBC, Metro Vancouver and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure for any road works that may affect residents.

    Information regarding significant road works are distributed to Strata chairs and through the UNA Community Newsletter.

  • Green Depot

    The Green Depot offers an easy and accessible way for UNA residents to responsibly dispose of a wide variety of waste not accepted by residential waste recycling services.

    Learn more about hours and what is accepted at myuna.ca/depot.

  • Garbage Removal
  • Parks & Landscaping
  • Child Care
  • Snow Removal
  • Public Safety
  • Community Gardens

    The UNA has five community gardens where residents can grow their own food, flowers and connect with the UNA community. Hawthorn Community Garden and Rhodo Community Garden are located at Hawthorn Place. Nobel Community Garden is in Wesbrook Place. New garden additions are located along Ross Drive near the UBC Farm. For more information about how to apply for a garden plot visit myuna.ca/gardens or email communitygardens@myuna.ca.


If you don’t have one yet, making a UNA Account is a simple process that will help you manage your services.

We only need your name, email, phone and birthday to get you started.

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