September 24, 2021 News

Call for Nominations for the 2021 UNA Board of Directors Elections

From November 8 to November 30, 2021, the University Neighbourhoods Association (UNA) members will elect seven new members to its Board of Directors.

To be eligible for nomination, a person must be a UNA member currently residing in one of the five UNA-designated neighbourhoods: Chancellor Place, East Campus, Hampton Place, Hawthorn Place or Wesbrook Place, or UNA-designated Buildings: Central Building or Focal Building.

All potential candidates, please note:

  • Per UNA Bylaw 5.3, a UNA resident member seeking to be elected as a Director must be nominated by no fewer than five (5) other UNA members.
  • Potential candidates for the UNA Board of Directors may pick up a nomination form at any UNA facility, including the Old Barn Community Centre, Wesbrook Community Centre, or the UNA Main Office, or they may download one through the link below.
  • It is recommended that potential candidates receive a number of additional signatures on their nomination form should a signature included be invalid (i.e. not correspond to a member of the UNA).
  • Each potential candidate must submit ALL of the following requirements to the UNA Main Office at 202-5923 Berton Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. no later than October 8, 2021 at 12 p.m.:
    • completed nomination form
    • a high-resolution head shot photo (300 dpi JPEG or TIFF, for publication on the UNA website, The Campus Resident newspaper and elections package)
    • candidate statement (strict limit of 200 words, for publication on the UNA website, The Campus Resident newspaper and elections package)
  • To submit the above requirements, please schedule an appointment by emailing UNA Office Coordinator Rocio Escalona at
  • An All-Candidates Forum will take place via video conference on November 18, 2021, 7 – 8:30 p.m.

Candidate & Scrutineer Documents:

For more information, visit the UNA Elections page.