October 7, 2022 Governance, News

The UNA Annual Report 2021-2022 summarizes the key accomplishments of the UNA Board of Directors as they relate to the 2018-2022 UNA Strategic Plan.

Please note that early in fiscal year 2021-2022, the Board of Directors extended the 2018-2021 Strategic Plan to cover one more year. With the previous UNA elections (held in November 2021) and a new elections cycle in mind, the Board agreed to wait another year to renew the strategic goals so that the newly elected Board can take the lead in its creation. Work on the new Strategic Plan is already underway and will be announced in the coming months.

You can pick up a hard copy of the UNA Annual Report 2021-2022 at Wesbrook Community Centre or read it online by downloading the PDF below.

Read: UNA Annual Report 2021-2022