August 20, 2021 Governance, News

UNA Society Membership

A UNA Society Membership entitles eligible persons to participate at UNA general meetings and to vote and run in UNA Board of Directors elections.

You can verify and manage your membership online through your UNA Account or in-person at the Wesbrook Community Centre or the Old Barn Community Centre.

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The UNA is a Society

In BC, not-for-profit organizations are known as societies. Societies are independent, democratic organizations that are required to comply with the Societies Act and their own constitution and bylaws.

The University Neighbourhoods Association (UNA) is a society. Its purpose is set out in its Constitution and Bylaws and the UNA Board of Directors oversees, develops policies and sets out the strategic priorities of the UNA. UNA Directors are elected by the society members.


Upcoming Events

·      September 30, 2021: UNA Annual General Meeting 2020 and Annual General Meeting 2021

·      November 30, 2021: UNA Board of Directors Election