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October 13, 2023 CV2050, Governance, News

UBC Campus + Community Planning has shared with us that the final drafts of Campus Vision 2050 (CV2050), the Housing Action Plan (HAP) and the amended Land Use Plan (LUP) are now available for review.

The three documents will be presented to the UBC Board of Governors at a special meeting on October 16, where they will receive CV2050 and HAP for information and consider referring the LUP to a legislatively required public hearing on the proposed amendments to the LUP. The changes to the LUP are needed to implement CV2050 and the HAP. You can review the report prepared for the UBC Board of Governors on this website.

The purpose of the public hearing is to give community members and campus residents the opportunity to comment on the draft amended LUP. The comments will form part of a report to the UBC Board of Governors for consideration before making a decision to submit the amended LUP to the Province of B.C. for adoption.

After the UBC Board of Governors formally refers the LUP to a public hearing, further details will be provided by UBC Campus + Community Planning, including how residents can participate.

The UNA Board of Directors are reviewing the final draft and are continuing their work in representing the interests of residents. For information on the UNA Board’s feedback on CV2050, so far, please visit this page.