Thank you to UNA residents and everyone who provided feedback on the Draft Guiding Principles and ideas for how we can better plan, manage, and maintain our green spaces.

Your input, along with technical analysis, best practices, and input from stakeholders, will help shape the development of the Draft Landscape Management Plan anticipated later this fall.

Stay tuned for a public engagement summary and further updates about the process in the coming weeks.

Landscape Management Plan

The Landscape Management Plan, developed by the University Neighbourhoods Association, has been created to support the development and implementation of processes, tools, guidelines, and systems for effectively managing neighbourhood landscapes now and into the future.

Learn more and download the finalized Landscape Management Plan below.

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  • Are you a UNA resident?
  • Do you use parks in your neighbourhood?
  • Are you passionate about nature and green space?

UNA neighbourhoods feature unique landscape areas including parks and street boulevards. These spaces have a profound effect on how residents experience the area. After they are developed, these landscape areas are maintained by the University Neighbourhoods Association (UNA).

The University Neighbourhoods Association (UNA) is developing a Landscape Management Plan (LMP) to guide how we care for our neighbourhood landscapes so they continue to be safe, attractive, and livable places for residents to enjoy. The plan will also guide landscape maintenance planning and practices to protect our environment, help us prepare for climate change, and increase neighbourhood sustainability.

UNA Landscape Areas

The UNA manages park and streetscape landscapes in the following University neighbourhoods as stipulated in the Neighbours’ Agreement 2020. Our focus is on public spaces – our streets and parks. The landscapes directly surrounding buildings are managed by others.

Neighbourhood Maps

  • Chancellor Place neighbourhood map

  • East Campus neighbourhood map

  • Hampton Place neighbourhood map

  • Hawthorn Place neighbourhood map

  • Wesbrook Place, and other designated buildings, neighbourhood map


We are engaging with residents of UNA neighbourhoods to share information and welcome feedback and ideas for how we can better plan, manage, and maintain the green spaces we love.


Draft Guiding Principles

Guiding principles for the Landscape Management Plan provide a framework for how the UNA will manage and maintain neighbourhood landscapes. These guiding principles will inform the Landscape Management Plan, as well as future decisions around landscape management. View the Draft Guiding Principles and complete the Landscape Management Plan Resident Survey to provide feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a landscape management plan?

    Good question! Our landscapes, such as our parks and streetscapes, are living systems that grow and evolve. Landscape management considers how to sustain healthy landscapes through their evolution, considering different layers like ecology, character, function, location, safety, and cost. A Landscape Management Plan marries day-to-day maintenance with a long-term vision so that landscapes continue to fulfill their intended purpose – providing healthy, aesthetically-pleasing environments that enhance community livability and social connection.

  • What’s the difference between landscape management and landscape maintenance?

    Landscape management is long-term. It looks at how we plan and operate landscapes today and into the future as our communities and climate change. Landscape maintenance is the daily operation of our green spaces. It is the grass cutting, tree trimming, and flower planting that you may have seen being undertaken by hardworking landscape maintenance contractors. The Landscape Management Plan considers both maintenance and long-term management.

  • Who is involved in developing this plan?

    The University Neighbourhoods Association (UNA) provides services to residential neighbourhoods around UBC’s campus including Chancellor Place, East Campus, Hampton Place, Hawthorn Place, Wesbrook Place, and other designated buildings as stipulated in the Neighbours’ Agreement 2020. The UNA is engaging with UBC operating bodies, UBC Properties Trust (UBCPT), landscape contractors, and UNA residents to develop the Landscape Management Plan.

  • How is landscape management funded?

    Landscape management is funded through the UNA’s Operating Budget, collected through the UBC Services Levy. With finite funds available and many services to be delivered, managing our landscapes efficiently and cost effectively is important. The UNA must balance the costs of a range of services including landscape maintenance, recreation and cultural programs, community events, upgrades to facilities or fields, maintenance of streets, snow removal, and more.

  • What will the landscape management plan do?

    The Landscape Management Plan will:

    • Enhance our neighbourhood landscapes so they continue to be safe, attractive, and livable places for residents to enjoy.
    • Help UNA neighbourhoods become more resilient as our climate changes.
    • Protect our environment by considering how neighbourhood landscapes are planned, developed, and maintained.
    • Ensure landscape maintenance practices are consistent, cost-effective, and sustainable.


  • Why are we engaging UNA residents?

    The landscaped areas including UNA neighbourhood parks, playgrounds, fields, and green spaces are our residents’ backyards. These are the places where people walk, exercise, socialize, and relax. Resident feedback is important to help shape the Landscape Management Plan, so it considers residents’ needs and these areas continue to be much loved and sustainable.

  • Who do I contact if I have questions?

    We’d love to hear your questions! You can contact us at: