January 29, 2024 Community, News, Recreation

Come celebrate the Year of the Dragon with us at Wesbrook Community Centre on February 11, 2024 from 1-4 p.m.

The Lunar New Year celebration will include activities for all ages including bamboo weaving, calligraphy, traditional flower arrangement, arts and craft activities for kids and much more. There will be Lion dancing, Korean drumming and cultural performances lead by local residents.

Additionally, you can vote for your favourite dragon art!

Members of the community are encouraged to submit their dragon themed artwork for the community contest. Please bring your art to Wesbrook Community Centre by January 31.

These will be placed on display at Wesbrook for the week leading up to the event. Voting will take place at the celebration.

This free annual UNA community event promises an afternoon of fun, games and food.

You can also join us for free mini concerts leading up to the Lunar New Year at the Wesbrook Community Centre.

Immerse yourself in the world of Chinese classical music featuring traditional instruments such as guqin, guzheng, and pipa, as well as pop songs complemented by fusion instruments. See below for a detailed schedule.

Time Performer Type
February 3, 2024 | 3:30 – 5 p.m. | MC: Juliet Feng Cherr Xu Chinese Opera Azalea Mountain-Clouds fly 7 mins
Nancy Bai, Barrett Bai Guzheng 1. Fight Typhoons, 2. Erie River, 3. Dance of the Yi people 20 mins
Wendy Xie Guqin 1. Three Variations of Plum Blossom, 2. Lune for a Peaceful Night 20 mins
Juliet Feng, Fara Halterman & Group Singing A collection of Chinese folk and pop songs 20 mins
February 7, 2024 | 3:30 – 5 p.m. | MC: Mia Yang Sharon Wang, Martina Liu Singing 1. Your Smile is Sweet and Bright, 2. Happy New Year 8 mins
Amily Yao Pipa 1. Spring Snow, 2. Colourful Clouds Chasing the Moon 10 mins
Angel Zhou Kuaiban Allegro Bragging 5 mins
Jianguo Gao Guqin A collection of classic Guqin songs 30 mins