October 7, 2022 Governance, News

During last week’s UNA Annual General Meeting, UBC shared the Neighbours’ Fund Audited Financial Statements.

The UNA Annual Operating Budget receives funds from the Neighbours’ Fund to provide municipal-like services to the residents of the UNA. The Neighbours’ Fund is made up of the annual UBC Services Levies collected from UNA homeowners and the Reserves. The Reserves receive annual contributions from the operating budget as well as surpluses from prior years. There are five Reserve Funds within the Neighbours’ Fund:

  • Infrastructure Replacement (used for streets, water, and lights)
  • Capital (used for replacement of the community centre building and play equipment in UNA parks)
  • Rate Stabilization (to guard against unforeseen changes in the City of Vancouver tax rates)
  • Contingency (to provide for unanticipated annual financial needs)
  • Community Field Replacement Reserve (to provide for future replacement of the turf field)

Learn more about Neighbours’ Fund here.

View: Neighbours’ Fund Audited Financial Statements