December 1, 2021 Governance, News

Members of the University Neighbourhoods Association (UNA) have elected seven members to its Board of Directors during the 2021 UNA Elections.

The successful candidates are:

  1. Gallo, Maria – Wesbrook Place
  2. Glassheim, Eagle – Wesbrook Place
  3. Holmes, Bill – Hampton Place
  4. Kang, Zheng (Jane) – Wesbrook Place
  5. McCutcheon, Murray – Hawthorn Place
  6. Mojdehi, Ali – Hawthorn Place
  7. Watson, Richard – Hawthorn Place

The breakdown of votes are as follows:

Watson, Richard Hawthorn Place 825 Yes
McCutcheon, Murray Hawthorn Place 782 Yes
Holmes, Bill Hampton Place 740 Yes
Glassheim, Eagle Wesbrook Place 694 Yes
Kang, Zheng (Jane) Wesbrook Place 605 Yes
Gallo, Maria Wesbrook Place 542 Yes
Liu, Fei Wesbrook Place 534 No*
Cheng, Tony Wesbrook Place 384 No*
Mojdehi, Ali Hawthorn Place 360 Yes
Ngieng, Sofia Hampton Place 318 No
Prost, Mitchell Hawthorn Place 314 No
Co, Erin Wesbrook Place 220 No
Gan, Mary Wesbrook Place 219 No

*Candidate did not succeed due to Bylaw 5.14.

  • Total Number of Votes Cast: 6537
  • Total No. of Ballots: 1209

The Directors-elect will begin their term on December 14, 2021.

The UNA Elections ran from November 8 to November 30, 2021. The counting procedures took place at the Wesbrook Community Centre and were overseen by a neutral third-party elections officer assisted by volunteers from the community. The UNA would like to thank all volunteers who dedicated their time and effort to the counting process.

The UNA would also like to thank all the candidates who put their name forward and whose desire to serve the UNA community is commendable.