December 22, 2021 Governance, News

UNA Committee positions are appointed by the UNA Board of Directors. On December 21, 2021, the UNA Board appointed and confirmed Board and staff members to positions for the following committees:

  • Finance & Audit Committee
    • Appointed: Bill Holmes, Maria Gallo, Ali Mojdehi
    • Chair: Bill Holmes
    • Vice Chair: Maria Gallo
  • Governance & Human Resources Committee
    • Appointed: Richard Watson, Eagle Glassheim, Murray McCutcheon
    • Chair: Richard Watson
    • Vice Chair: Murray McCutcheon
  • Neighbours’ Agreement Committee
    • Appointed: Bill Holmes, Murray McCutcheon
    • Chair: Bill Holmes
  • Land Use Advisory Committee
    • Appointed: Murray McCutcheon, Richard Watson, Eagle Glassheim
    • Chair: Murray McCutcheon
  • Community Engagement Advisory Committee
    • Appointed: Jane Kang, Maria Gallo
    • Chair: Jane Kang
  • Joint Financial Task Force
    • Appointed: Richard Watson, Bill Holmes, Murray McCutcheon
    • Chair: Richard Watson
  • UNA-UBC Liaison Committee
    *Appointment delayed to a future meeting

    • Existing Members: Richard Watson, Bill Holmes
    • Existing Chair: Richard Watson
  • Area A Community Works Fund Committee
    • Appointed: Richard Watson, Jane Kang, Eagle Glassheim
    • Chair: Richard Watson
  • UBC Campus Vision 2050 Community Advisory Committee
    • Appointed UNA Representative: Sundance Topham

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