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UNA Bylaw Review

The University Neighbourhoods Association (UNA) Board of Directors sought feedback on some recommendations put forward by the Bylaw Review Working Group. The Working Group reviewed the 2017 Draft Bylaws that were put before the 2017 UNA Annual General Meeting (held in January 2018) but not passed by the members of the UNA at the time.

Online Survey

The survey outlined highlights of the Working Group’s recommendations and provided an opportunity to provide feedback in the shaping of these bylaws.

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The UNA Board of Directors invited the UNA community to a presentation and an open forum discussion.

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Bylaw Review Working Group

The UNA would like thank the resident members of the Bylaw Working Group (Phase 2):

  • Laura Cottle, UNA elected resident director
  • Mike Feeley, UNA resident at large
  • Bill Holmes, UNA resident at large
  • Terry Mullen, UNA elected resident director
  • Ying Zhou, UNA elected resident director