October 28, 2022 Governance, News

In early June 2022, the University Neighbourhoods Association (UNA) Board of Directors and management team participated in a facilitated strategic planning session. The primary purpose of the session was to determine the strategic priorities and associated goals for the UNA’s 2023-2025 Strategic Plan.

The planning session provided an opportunity for the Board and management to:

  • define the Board’s vision for the University Neighbourhoods community and for the UNA organization,
  • confirm the mission, or central purpose, of the UNA,
  • identify a set of values to guide the organization in all that it does,
  • explore and understand the context in which the organization exists — that is, the forces, trends, pressures, challenges, and opportunities that, taken together, define the environment in which the organization works,
  • build a “long list” of potential themes, or strategic priorities, to consider including in the new Strategic Plan,
  • create a final list of strategic priorities on which to focus attention and resources in the coming years, and
  • provide input for use in defining goals under each priority.

The Board provided additional feedback to the facilitator over the summer, and at the September Board meeting the UNA 2023-2025 Strategic Plan was approved.

The resulting plan contains five strategic priorities and associated goals. The priorities and goals will inform the specific actions to be taken by the organization in the coming years and will guide the organization’s use of resources. They are not listed in any priority order as all five areas will be addressed over the next three years.

Each year, as part of the planning and budget process, an annual work plan will be developed in parallel with the budget process to ensure that resources are allocated to priorities and any new initiatives or projects are appropriately resourced.

The new strategic plan can be viewed or downloaded through the link below.

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