November 16, 2023 CV2050, Governance, News

As part of the Campus Vision 2050 process, a legislatively required public hearing on the proposed amendments to the UBC Land Use Plan took place on November 7, 2023.

Some high-level information on what happened at the public hearing is available on UBC’s website.

The UNA Board of Directors submitted their response to the draft amended Land Use Plan in a letter dated October 25, 2023. In this letter, the UNA Board outlined multiple concerns and their disappointment with the procedural rules of the public hearing as the rules explicitly and unaccountably prohibit the adjustment of neighbourhood densities. Due of these concerns, the UNA Board passed a motion during their October meeting that directed UNA Chair Richard Watson to not participate as a member of the Public Hearing Committee.

The UNA Board is continuing their work in advocating for the best interests of residents and will continue updating residents on this topic. For any questions or concerns, please write to