March 23, 2022 Governance, News

The UNA Board of Directors appointed Fei Liu as Director to fill in the spot that former Director Maria Gallo left after her resignation last February.

Fei was the first choice for the Board given that Maria resigned so close to the conclusion of the November 30, 2021 UNA election and that she was the next-in-line Wesbrook Place candidate by a very narrow margin of votes (eight votes).

ā€œIā€™m excited to be coming in at a time when changes are taking place ā€“ with Campus Vision 2050, the continuing development of our neighbourhoods and our growing community. I am grateful to have the opportunity to serve and look forward to contributing to what makes our UBC neighbourhoods a great place to live,ā€ said Fei.

Fei comes with a background in public relations and education. She is an active volunteer in the community and was chair of the Norma Rose Point Elementary School Parent Education Committee (PAC) for three years. She is interested in community engagement, sustainability and land-use planning.