The UNA Board of Directors met on Tuesday, June 21, 2022, at 5:30 p.m. at the Wesbrook Community Centre. Below is a summary of the meeting.

Please note that this summary being provided to UNA Members as a timely update ahead of the approval of the official meeting minutes at the next Board meeting (July 19, 2022).


UBC Campus and Community Planning Monthly Update

The report was presented by Carole Jolly, Director of Community Development and Engagement at Campus and Community Planning. The report outlines upcoming events on campus, particularly, high-impact events like the Vancouver Half Marathon. Carole also highlighted the next steps in Campus Vision 2050 which includes the approval of its Terms of Reference.


Electoral Area A Report

Electoral Area A Director Jen McCutcheon delivered a verbal report and was available to answer questions.


UNA Management Report

UNA CAO Sundance Topham and the management team delivered their monthly updates.


CEAC Community Engagement Survey Results

Highlights of the CEAC Community Engagement Survey Results were presented to the Board.

The survey was launched on Monday, April 11, 2022 and closed on Monday, May 2. It was distributed multiple times through email newsletter to two email lists – members list (4,936 recipients) and community newsletter list (3,387 recipients) and through an email postcard to 6,510 addresses in the five UBC communities and two designated buildings. There were overlaps in this distribution. Participants were given an incentive option to enter their names in a draw for one of two $50 gift cards. In total, the survey received 867 respondents (85% by email, 15% by mailout/website). The date is valid 19 times out of 20 within the margin of error based on an estimated population of 15,000 (+/-3.21%).


Community Engagement Advisory Committee (CEAC) Update

The UNA Board received the minutes of the CEAC meeting from April 27, 2022.


Campus Resident Replacement Options

Since 2010 the UNA had contracted John to publish The Campus Resident to provide news to residents of the UBC neighbourhoods. The loss of John and The Campus Resident has left a gap in how the community receives information and the UNA has been looking into options to replace the newspaper.

Staff have considered various factors including budget, staff capacity, potential partnerships and information gathered from the recently conducted Community Engagement Survey by the UNA Community Engagement Advisory Committee (where 33% of respondents have indicated that they prefer to receive communications through a printed newspaper) and have come up with four potential options to replace The Campus Resident.

The Board directed staff to further explore Option 3 and report back at a future meeting.


Community Amenity Charges Report

Neighbours Agreement 2020 requires that UBC report annually to the UNA on its use of Community Amenity Charges. The 2022-23 summary submitted to the UNA by UBC, along with the more comprehensive report submitted to the UBC Board of Governors were provided for information.


UNA Recreation: Program and Volunteer Update

UNA staff provided an overview of UNA programming and volunteering. The report was meant to give the Board an idea of how the UNA interacts with the community on these important items – especially now that we are returning to normal social interactions as the pandemic slows down.


Finance Committee Updates

a) Fiscal 2021/22 Financial Results (Preliminary)

The UNA fiscal year ended on March 31, 2022. The Finance Manager presented a report to the Board that provides a preliminary outlook of our fiscal 2021/22 results. Please note that the results are only preliminary for reference purposes and will be subject to changes resulting from any year-end audit adjustments.

b) Fiscal 2021/22 – Year End Audit Plan

According to the Income Tax Act, the UNA is required to file its T2 Corporation Income Tax Return to the CRA for every tax year, and the filing deadline is within six months after the end of the corporation’s tax year. The UNA’s fiscal year is set at the end of March, so the deadline to file the tax return is before the end of September. In addition, the BC Societies Act requires that the financial statements presented at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) be for a period ending no more than six months before the AGM, which, for the UNA, falls within the same time frame of six months after the fiscal year end. UNA staff presented a report that outlines how the UNA will complete the annual audit to meet the tax filing deadline.

c) 2022-23 Insurance Renewal Update
The current UNA insurance expires on July 1. The UNA insurance renewal application request was submitted to our broker on May 26 and the renewal application is currently being reviewed by the insurers. UNA staff provideds more information on the process and talked briefly about next steps, including bringing forward a Finance Committee recommendation to confirm that the Chief Administrative Officer will be finalizing the upcoming insurance.

The Board authorized the Chief Administrative Officer to enter into the UNA’s insurance coverages for the period from July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023.

d) Community Field Replacement Reserve

The Board agreed to allow UBC to transfer the budgeted amount of $60,000 to the Community Field Replacement Reserve in the Neighbours Fund for fiscal year 2022/23.

The Board also directed staff to cash out the GIC in which the Capital Reserve Fund is invested and reinvest the proceeds in a two-year GIC with Royal Bank.


Governance and Human Resources (GHR) Committee Update

The Board replaced the Board Rules of Procedure approved at its April 19, 2022 meeting with the revised Board Rules of Procedure drafted by Director Holmes.


Land Use Advisory Committee (LUAC) Update

Director McCutcheon provided a verbal update to the Board.


New Business: Proposed Letter for Recreational Facilities for Youth in Wesbrook

The UNA Board agreed to send a letter to Campus and Community Planning and UBC Properties Trust advocating for an additional outdoor recreation facility, catering to youth, in the Wesbrook neighbourhood.


New Business: July UNA Board Meeting

The Board determined that the July 19, 2022 meeting will be held electronically.