The UNA Board of Directors met on Tuesday, October 18, 2022, at 5:30 p.m. Below is a summary of the meeting.

Please note that this summary being provided to UNA Members as a timely update ahead of the approval of the official meeting minutes at the next Board meeting (November 15, 2022).


UNA 2022-23 Campus Vision 2050 Engagement Strategy

UBC Campus and Community Planning staff provided a verbal update on CampusVision 2050 and the next steps in the consultation process.


Newcomers Support Group

Sandy Zhao, volunteer lead for Newcomers Support Program at the Wesbrook Community Centre, spoke about her experience with the program and asked the Board to provide more resources and support for newcomers.


UBC RCMP Detachment Update 

Staff-Sergeant Chuck Lan provided a verbal report on recent crimes that have taken place in the UBC area. Staff-Sergeant Lan warned the community about an increase in thefts that comes with the start of the school year. He reminded the community to secure their belongings properly when around the campus and to use locks when storing personal items in lockers at the Aquatic Centre.

Staff-Sargeant Lan also gave an update about the shooting that took place at the UBC golf course. Authorities have determined it was a targeted shooting related to gang activity. The suspects left the area immediately and were arrested later in Richmond.


Campus and Community Planning Report 

Director of Community Development, UBC Campus and Community Planning, Carole Jolly provided a report on upcoming events and developments on campus.


Electoral Area A Report 

The Board congratulated Electoral Area A Director Jen McCutcheon for getting re-elected. She provided a verbal report about upcoming meetings with the Ministry of Transportation and Ministry of Education to discuss issues in Electoral Area A.


Management Report

UNA CAO Sundance Topham and the management team delivered their monthly updates.


Second Quarter Work Plan

UNA CAO Sundance Topham highlighted work on landscape management plan, records management project and governance-related items (updates to the Neighbours Agreement).


Finance Committee Update

a) 2023/24 Budget Timeline

The Finance Manager presented the report to the Board that summarizes the timeline for the creation of the 2023-24 budget.

b) 2021-22 Neighbours’ Fund Financial Statements

UBC provided the audited Neighbours’ Fund Financial Report for fiscal 2021/22 to the UNA on September 28, 2022. The Finance Manager highlighted the Neighbours’ Fund Reserve Balances per 2021/22 Audited Financial Statements.

c) Establishment of UNA Capital Reserve

The Board approved a motion to establish a capital reserve in the UNA’s financial statements; approve the transfer of $700,000 from unrestricted net assets to the capital reserve; require that Board approval be obtained for transfers from the capital reserve; and, direct staff to develop a policy for transfers to and from the capital reserve, for Board approval on the recommendation of the Finance and Audit Committee.


Neighbours Agreement Committee Update

Director Holmes provided an update to the Board on the recent activities of the Neighbours Agreement Committee.


New Business: Community Security Assistance

Director Liu raised security-related ideas to the Board. Staff provided some insights and proposed further meetings to discuss.


New Business: Community Garden in Chancellor Place Neighbourhood – Request to investigate possibilities

Director Watson introduced an idea for a community garden in Chancellor Place. The Board approved a motion to direct UNA staff to investigate the possibilities for a community garden in the Chancellor Place neighbourhood and report back with a recommendation.


New Business: UBC Student Project – Chinese Newcomers Survey

Director Watson introduced Dr. Henry Yu who has offered his expertise in research to create a collaborative project that might benefit the community. Staff will be coordinating with Dr. Yu regarding partnering opportunities.