The UNA Board of Directors met on Tuesday, December 13, 2022, at 5:30 p.m. Below is a summary of the meeting.

Please note that this summary being provided to UNA Members as a timely update ahead of the approval of the official meeting minutes at the next Board meeting (January 23, 2023).

All reports referenced are available in the December Board Meeting Package

Campus and Community Planning Report

The December 2022 Campus and Community Planning Report was received by the Board.

  • Read the full report on page 6 of the Agenda Package

Electoral Area A Report

The Chair directed everyone to Electoral Area A Director’s website for updates.

Management Report

UNA CAO Sundance Topham and the management team delivered their monthly updates.

  • Read the full report on page 8 of the Agenda Package

Community Newspaper Policy and Editorial Committee 

The Board approved the UNA Community Newspaper Policy and UNA Newspaper Editorial Committee Terms of Reference with minor changes as discussed and identified errors corrected.

The Board also directed staff to solicit proposals for newspaper’s name and provide the list to the Board for consideration, along with staff suggestions.

  • Read the full report on page 21 of the Agenda Package

2023 Board Meeting Schedule

The Board approved the 2023 board meeting schedule.

  • View the schedule on page 31 of the Agenda Package

Annual UNA Committee Appointment Report

The Board appointed the following Directors to the following committees:

–  Director Glassheim, Chair, Land Use Advisory Committee

–  Director Kang, Chair, Community Engagement Advisory Committee

–  Director Mojdehi, Member, Community Engagement Advisort Committee

  • Read the full report on page 34 of the Agenda Package

Rhodo Gas Gun Community Garden License Extension

The Board approved the Gas Gun Community Garden license extension and direct the Chief Administrative Officer to sign the agreement on behalf of the UNA.

  • Read the full report on page 95 of the Agenda Package

Finance Committee Update

The Finance Committee delivered Fiscal 2022/23 Q2 Financial Results and it was received by the Board.

  • Read the full report on page 108 of the Agenda Package

Neighbours’ Agreement Committee Update

Director Holmes presented the report to the Board. No discussion or questions followed.