The UNA Board of Directors met on Tuesday, March 15, 2022, at 5:30 p.m. through video conference. Below is a summary of the meeting.

Please note that this summary being provided to UNA Members as a timely update ahead of the approval of the official meeting minutes at the next Board meeting (April 19, 2022).


Campus Vision 2050

UBC Campus and Community Planning staff delivered an update on Campus Vision 2050. They shared information on what they’ve heard so far from stakeholders and an early draft of the guiding principles. The delegation also discussed the next steps in their planning for further engagement with the UNA Board and residents living in UBC communities.


UBC Campus and Community Planning Monthly Update

The UBC C+CP outlined upcoming events on campus and development projects in and around the UBC neighbourhoods.


Electoral Area A Report

Electoral Area A Director Jen McCutcheon delivered an overview of Electoral Area A and its roles/functions for the benefit of the new Directors on the Board. Area A Director McCutcheon also submitted her monthly report.


UNA Management Report

UNA CAO Sundance Topham and the management team delivered their monthly updates.


UNA Office Space Needs Assessment Implementation

Staff have made plans to address the limited office space at the UNA Main Office and Wesbrook Program Office by relocating some staff to underused rooms in Wesbrook Community Centre and the Old Barn Community Centre. Staff received new information from UBC Properties Trust (UBCPT) that space in the same building as the current Main Office might become available this Fall. Staff will continue with some of the relocation plans and hold off on more permanent renovations until they receive confirmation about the availability of the space. A short-term lease agreement for the current UNA Main Office was entered into with UBCPT.


Proposed Wesbrook Basketball Court Update

Campus and Community Planning has submitted a revised schedule for the development permit application process of the proposed Wesbrook Basketball Court. The proposed process, which is subject to change, involves a public notification campaign beginning March 24, virtual open houses on April 12/13, a 22-day online public consultation ending April 19/20 and more.


Finance Committee Update

Community consultation for the draft UNA Operating Budget 2022-2023 was concluded and questions received from the public were addressed by staff. The final version of the Operating Budget 2022-2023 was approved by the Board for submission to UBC.


Governance and HR Committee Update

The Board asked the Governance and HR Committee to review the Board Rules of Procedure in order to ensure that they are working as intended.


Community Engagement Advisory Committee (CEAC) Update

The UNA Board received the minutes of the CEAC meeting from January 26, 2022 and approved a draft of the Community Engagement Advisory Committee’s engagement survey with additional input from the Land Use Advisory Committee.


Land Use Advisory Committee (LUAC) Update

The UNA Board received the minutes of the LUAC meeting from January 26, 2022. The LUAC Chair updated the Board on the Campus Vision 2050 town hall that the committee hosted on March 3, 2022.


Neighbours Agreement Committee

The Board received a verbal update on the Neighbours Agreement Committee from the Chair. The committee met on February 28, 2022, to discuss its position on an Athletics Access Fee recommendation and will be providing a report to the Board at a future date.


New Business: Commissionaires BC Services Agreement Renewal 2022

The Commissionaires BC Services Agreement is up for renewal and the UNA Board approved the agreement.