The UNA Board of Directors met on Tuesday, May 17, 2022, at 5:30 p.m. at the Wesbrook Community Centre. Below is a summary of the meeting.

Please note that this summary being provided to UNA Members as a timely update ahead of the approval of the official meeting minutes at the next Board meeting (June 21, 2022).


New AMS Member

The UNA Board Chair acknowledge the attendance of the new AMS member, Erin Co. Erin Co replaces Saad Shoaib. The UNA thanks Saad for his service to the community.


UBC Campus and Community Planning Monthly Update

The report was presented by Carole Jolly, Director of Community Development and Engagement at Campus and Community Planning. The report outlines upcoming events on campus, activities related to Campus Vision 2050 and development projects in and around the UBC neighbourhoods. Carole highlighted an update on the Campus Vision 2050 public engagement activities done by Campus and Community Planning.


Electoral Area A Report

Electoral Area A Director Jen McCutcheon presented her report. She highlighted information on the next steps for the cannabis retail store application that is ongoing at the UEL. She also highlighted new water restrictions from Metro Vancouver that took effect on May 1.


UNA Management Report

UNA CAO Sundance Topham and the management team delivered their monthly updates.


Community Works Fund: Proposed Projects

UNA staff provided an update on the status of ongoing preparations for projects to be submitted for consideration of the Electoral Area A Community Works Fund Committee.

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations – The Board approved the UNA to advance an application to the Community Works Fund Committee for the procurement and installation of EV charging stations.
  • Wesbrook Basketball Court – The Board cancelled the proposed basketball court project and will be looking into alternative project/s to propose to the Community Works Fund Committee. For feedback on this matter, please email
  • Acadia Neighbourhood Active Transportation Improvements – The Board approved the UNA to advance an application to the Community Works Fund Committee. The proposed project will improve the Active Transportation Corridor in Acadia Park by formalizing the route with crushed gravel paths as well as landscaping and asphalt paving improvements. The enhancements will improve pedestrian safety for children accessing Norma Rose Point School.


Governance and Human Resources (GHR) Committee Update

During the last Board meeting, the GHR Committee presented a new UNA Board and Appointees Code of Conduct Policy to replace an outdated policy from 2012. The Board gave feedback to the GHR Committee during that meeting and the committee submitted the revisions which were approved by the Board.


Revised Board Rules of Procedure

During the last Board meeting, the GHR Committee presented proposed amendments to the UNA Board Rules of Procedure based on directions it received from the Board at the March meeting. The Board approved the proposed amendments during the April meeting, subject to non-substantive drafting suggestions from Director Holmes. Director Holmes presented his changes to the Board and the Board deferred them to the GHR Committee for review.


Community Engagement Advisory Committee (CEAC) Update

The UNA Board received the minutes of the CEAC meeting from March 23, 2022 and received a short update from the CEAC Chair Jane Kang on the CEAC’s community survey which was launched on April 11, 2022. The survey ran until May 2 and received a total of 876 respondents. The survey report will be reviewed by the CEAC at their May 25 meeting and will be provided to the Board at the May 17 Board meeting.


Land Use Advisory Committee (LUAC) Update

The UNA Board received the minutes of the LUAC meetings from March 23 and April 27, 2022.


New Business: UNA Advocacy for Increased Daycare and School Capacity

UNA Board Director Liu proposed that the UNA Board advocate for increase in daycare and school capacity. The Board approved a motion to write a letter to UBC.