Block F Upcoming Activity

The Musqueam Capital Corporation will begin preparing the west side of Acadia for underground servicing and the reconstruction of the road, which will include a new sidewalk on the UBC side where one currently doesn’t exist. Major road work will take place in July and August. Please follow the above link for more details.

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On-Street Parking Management Update on East Mall and Thunderbird Blvd

The UNA is pleased to announce that UBC Parking Services will take over the invigilation and enforcement of parking regulations on Thunderbird Blvd and East Mall.
On May 15, 2017, UBC Parking Services will assume on-street parking invigilation and parking enforcement.
Affected locations will be designated as “Reserved 24 Hours for UNA Hawthorn Parking Permit and UNA Hawthorn Visitor Parking Permit Holders”.

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