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The UNA is committed to providing leadership, education and support services to promote a sustainable community life.

People: Community is strengthened. Connectivity within a society increases at a local scale, while social conditions are improved, globally.

Planet: The natural environment is protected and enhanced. Environmental effects are considered within all decisions.

Profit: Economic prosperity increases. Financial success is not compromised, but supports and is bolstered by environmental and social priorities.

We are continuously working to advance our practices and services to reduce our environmental impact, while increasing the economic and social wellness of our community members. We strive to make it easier and more accessible for community members to incorporate sustainable practices into their own lives.

Although sustainability is most often considered as environmental, the UNA knows that sustainability must be approached from social, economic, as well as environmental perspectives. Sustainability does not come at a compromise – it simply requires a balance of these three pieces.


Green Depot

The Green Depot offers an easy and accessible way for UNA and UBC Community members to responsibly dispose of a wide-variety of waste not accepted by residential waste recycling services.

Household Composting

All UNA residents are provided with household compost bins, as well as educational materials to encourage responsible behaviour and reduce the amount of food waste that goes into landfills.

The Annual Yard Sale

The UNA’s annual yard sale encourages community members to reduce unnecessary production and waste, by reusing and extending the life of material goods. Find out more about the event this year!