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The UNA operates two community centres in the UBC campus, and our main office is located in Wesbrook Village. Learn more about our hours and locations.


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The UNA is Governed by a Board of Directors. More information about the Board, Board Meetings, UNA Financials, and Operations can be found in the following sections.


The University Neighbourhoods Association (UNA) was incorporated as a not-for-profit society in 2002 to provide the residents of UBC’s residential neighbourhoods with services that encourage a sustainable community life at UBC. The UNA oversees the major residential neighbourhoods around UBC’s campus: Wesbrook Village, Hampton Place, Chancellor Place, Hawthorn Place and East Campus.


The purpose of the UNA is set out in its constitution and by-laws. It manages infrastructure, such as street and sidewalk repairs, and regulates matters of concern in the public realm, such as parking and noise. The areas of responsibility are set out in greater detail in the Neighbourhood Agreement with UBC. The agreement is amended as needed, most recently in 2015. The schedules to the Agreement are in development. Residents opinions, views and concerns are heard through the UNA who works with external stakeholders to shape future development of residential areas at UBC.

The board of directors oversees the operations of the society, develops policies and plans strategies for the future. The majority of directors (5) are elected by residents who are members of the society, two are appointed by UBC and one by the UBC Alma Mater Society (AMS) to reflect the relationship between UBC and the residents in the community. All residents are eligible to become members of the society which entitles them to vote at the AGM.

In addition to services related to physical entities the UNA ensures that residents have access to UBC athletic facilities and manages two community centres : the Wesbrook Community Centre and the Old Barn Community Centre.

The UNA promotes health and sustainability within the community by helping implement policies and bylaws to regulate the needs of a rapidly growing population. The Green Initiative is the UNA’s project to promote sustainable practices and reduce the environmental impact of all residents. The UNA Green Depot is integrated into Wesbrook Community Centre and provides residents with a local recycling depot. The UNA Green Initiative also works towards promoting car share and electric transportation initiatives in the UNA communities.

The University Neighbourhoods Association continues to grow and evolve with the communities it represents. By engaging with residents, the UNA is the voice of residents in major projects and future planning decisions within UBC.